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PETERBILT 357 National 1300H boom truck

Manufacturer: TWH

Scale: 1:50

Here is the Pete 357 with National 1300H boom truck in 1/50 scale by TWH

models. You can get an idea of this trucks size by comparing it to that man

Front view of the nice chrome grill, realistic headlights, and even warning decals

Side view shows nice black paint and National crane boom

The rear

The right side

Wheels are made of rubber and the front axle steers

Both doors can be opened which reveals nicely detailed interior

The hood can be proped open to expose realistic looking engine

Side storage compartment opens up

The truck crane features 5 fully working outriggers, 2 on each side and one

adjustable stabilizer on the front

Close-up of the hook block and rear transport latch for it to latch onto

The boom is very detailed and features every warning decal you'd

find on the real thing

The truck also comes with a man basket that can be attached to the boom,

a rubber tie down strip is also included for tieing it down

Boom is fully operable

Boom has a angle compass to tell the booms angle

Close-up of the operators controls

Can be swung 360 degrees

Boom telescopes

Pic with the man basket attached

The booms cable and hook can still be used when man basket is attached

Boom telescopes out 3 additional sections

When fully telescoped the crane reaches nearly 27.5 inches tall

An additional jib for the man basket to attach to can also be added to

the boom

View looking down from inside the man basket

With the additional man basket jib attached the model is close to 3 feet tall!

Close-up of the crane cable winch which is operated by your finger

View from on the deck of the controls as well as the remote controls

All the smallest details are even included, from the warning "Danger"

decals on the stabilizers to the heatsheild around the exhaust pipe

Rear shot of the hydraulic fluid tank and "National" mud-flaps

Here's a pic of the 357 crane truck loaded up with steel pipe

Shot of the 1300H crane truck in action lifting the steel pipes

And we have touchdown

Here's a pic of the Pete delivering some excavator attachments

Close-up of a large CAT 365B L bucket being unloaded


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