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STERLING NATIONAL 1400 Crane boom truck

Manufacturer: TOWSLEY'S

Scale: 1:50

Here is TWH's Sterling 1400 National Crane boom truck, you

can see the trucks size by looking at it next to that man

This model is nothing but details, heres a pic showing how the

doors open

The inside of the cab is amazing I can't even list all the details, from the

guages on the guage cluster to the air knobs on the dash its all there!

The passengers side is just as detailed as the drivers side

including painted speakers on the door, A/C vents, and more

The interior seats are just like the real truck with two tone

colors and the drivers seat backrest being taller than the passengers

The front two wheels are steerable

Even the headlights and turn signals on this model seem real

The hood opens exposing a fully detailed desiel engine, intake,

fluid tanks, the whole deal!

Backend view with official NATIONAL mud flaps behind the tires

Here's a shot into the cranes operators cab featuring an

operators seat and a few minor controls

The right side  -identical to the real thing

Even the 99 gallon hydraulic reservior is detailed with the

proper warning labels

Here's a pic to show the hydraulic pump and lines on crane

Crane rotates 360 degrees

Four functionong outriggers that pull out and screw down...

...with a fifth front stabilizer

Picture with the crane boom raised

The boom sections length can be determined by these

labels that appear as the boom sections extend

The crane features not 1 or 2 or 3 or even 4 but

5 seperate boom sections, not to mention the jib

Fully extended the sections reach a total of almost 33 inches

As if all those boom sections arn't enough a swing-over

boom jib is supplied

With the boom sections extended and the jib in place

the crane climbs to a height of just over 39 inches

Here's a shot looking down from the jib

The cable pully works by that little knob that sticks out which

is detailed into the model not taking away from the model at all

The boom even has two working compass levelers telling

the angle of the boom

Here's a pic showing what the jib looks like when not in use

when the boom is retracted the jib locks into place

When the jib is not in use that small pin on the left is put into one of

the two smaller holes to lock it into place and is then removed

 when the jib is needed those two larger pins are inserted

(one is put in first to swing over the boom and then the other to lock it into place)

The details on this model should speak for themself all I can finish

by saying is GET ONE! If the model itself isn't enough insentive there

is even a buyers booklet of all the real boom truck's statistics

Here's a pic of the Sterling National 1400 in action lifting

new air conditioning units to that buildings rooftop



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