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 "KIEWIT" Manitowoc 16000 crawler crane

Manufacturer: TWH

Scale: 1:50

Here is the awesome Manitowoc 16000 crane by Towsley's in KIEWIT livery.

This special edition KIEWIT model is limited to only 300 made worldwide

The model comes in a big red Manitowoc box

The side of the box shows a nice detailed picture of the stock model

Here is a view of everything that is included

The model, just like the 18000, even comes with its own full complete

tool kit with everything needed, even cloth gloves!

The detail and quailty on all TWH models is out of this world. The pictures

should speak for themselves, but let me tell you right now they still don't

due justice! Here is a view of the operators cabin side

A frontal view

Right front view

Right rear view

Rear view

...And the left rear

The 16000 is complete with large shoe free rolling metal crane tracks

The operators cab is incredibly detailed, even includes the Manitowoc logo

on the operators seat

The cab tilts upward for easy visability

The cab also turns from side to side slightly

The cabin door rolls open and closed (shown here closed)

View of the cabin door opened

Behind the cab includes incredibly detailed warning labels and crane statistics

The carbody features retractable lifting jacks for setting up and dismantling

same with the rear features retractable jacks that tuck into the carbody

Very crisp paint job all over with all the appropriate "KIEWIT" colors and markings

Hydraulic lines run up and down the boom to the pulley drums

From the pulley drums the hydraulic lines connect to the hydraulic pumps

The front features massive weights along with side walkways

The walkways can be flipped up to expose the underbody

View of the drive shafts that move the crawler tracks

Inside look of the carbody cable drums and engine compartment

The massive gantry and rear counter weights

The carbody features hydraulic stabilizer arms for the gantry that raise from

within (shown here inside the body)

Pic of one of the hydraulic arms raising

Arms resting on gantry

Above shot of the main lift cables pulley drum along with the gantry

and hydraulic stabilizer arms in place

A special key is included to turn the cable drums

The key is inserted into the desired drum to move the cable

Bottom connection of the boom mast and cable drums

The sides of the crawler tracks are even fitted with shackles for dismantling

Special pull-out rods are also equipped on the tracks side

Another great touch by TWH is they even included a roll of caution tape!

The rods on the tracks can be pulled out and the crane can be surrounded

by the warning tape to keep people at a safe distance

Another cool shot of the crane marked around with caution tape

Not only is the crane detailed beyond belief it's HUGE too!

Shot of the boom top fitted with angled jib

Side view

With the boom fully raised the 16000 reaches an astonishing

 6 feet tall!!!

The view from above

The headach ball and load block. The load block is similar to that on the

 555 inabling it to spin 360 degrees and also contains a non-slip clip

Here's a shot of KIEWITS Manitowoc 16000 being assembled

An in action shot of the beast lifting a massive piece of windmill tower

Another great shot of the crawler crane making the heavy lift


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