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MANITOWOC 18000 crawler crane

Manufacturer: TWH

Scale: 1:50

Alright here it is the long awaited limited edition MANITOWOC

18000 crawler crane by TWH! Here's the big box it arrives in

The cranes so big it has to come in a three stage box as

shown here

An instruction booklet is provided which also gives all the full

details and specs of the real machine, like lifting capacitys and

boom heights... A full-on tool kit is even provided with all the

tools needed for assembling and rigging the model

Although some parts come already assembled there still is alot

of putting together so here's the parts layout

This picture should speak for itself on describing the actual size of

this crane, that man can't even so over the tracks for crying out loud

The operators cab is detailed to the max, from levers and switches,

all the way down to the "MANITOWOC" logo on the seat

The steel tracks on this model are the best I've ever seen on a model.

They look so real and roll so smooth, they even sound like the real

machine when you creep the machine around

Mesh walkways lined with railings line the outer rim of the carbody

along with self erecting hydraulic jacks like shown above

Here's a second shot showing one of the mesh ladders as well as

 one of the four self erecting hydraulic jack cylinders

The assembly begins... Front mast boom attached along with

MAX-ER on the rear

Plastic rivits for assembling??? No way! This crane is assembled

using small screws giving it a much tighter and stronger fit

Here's a pic with the front boom assembled and rear boom attached

As if having a fully detailed inside operators cab isn't already enough,

the cab also features a working sliding EPIC door (shown open here)

Here's a shot with the door slid closed

The cab can also be angled for easy operator visablity

...turned as well

The details on this model are out-of-hand take a look at all the

proper warning and caution decals located behind the cab... Amazing!

Here's a front view to show the front under body counter weights,

the twin climb ladders, the underneath of the hydraulic tilting

operators cab, and also all the hydraulic lines coming down

the main boom leading into the carbody

These are a few of the many hoist drums located on the crane

Here's an overhead carbody shot to try and show off the enormous

fully detailed crane engine with every part in-tact and detailed to

the max...intake, raditor, exhaust piping, you name it its there!

A nice underbody pic from the rear showing off the rear self erecting

jacks a little better along with all the rest of the details

Since this baby is made for some serious heavy lifting here's the

MAX-ER thats added on for extra balance and counter weighting

The massive wheels on the MAX-ER turn to follow the cranes

movement, like one big heavy trailer ( shown here

with the crane turning)

Here' s a shot of the MAX-ER tagging along the 18000

as it travels on its tracks straight ahead

MAX-ER is also equipped with four hydraulic stabilizers, each with

its own detailed hydraulic lining that leads along MAX-ER

back into the crane carbody

Detailed ladders and walkways line rear MAX-ER as you can see here

The incrediable part of the MAX-ER is the actual working spring loaded

hydraulics that support the boom straps and balnce the load

Here's a shot showing how when the cranes lifting the hydraulics

extend against spring force within hydraulic stabilzing the machine

This pic was taken standing on the MAX-ER loking up at the crane

showing you the huge dual stacks of counter weights

Pic of the rear mast boom sheeves up close

Boom-to-jib cable and sheeving close-up

Close-up of the jib end sheeves leading to the hook

The huge 13-sheeve block hook

The itty bitty hook (which is actually still big)

For the cable drums located out-of-reach holes are provided on the

carbody outside to slide a reeling key into

Here's  a shot of the key in place

The paint job through out this crane from head to toe is the crispist

and shinest I've ever seen

View of the right side details

Right-rear view looking forward

MANITOWOC markings on the jib tip

Here's a side shot of the mast boom butt to jib equilizer

The main boom can be tilted down quite far, shown here angled

down but not to the max

Main mast tilts up to almost a 90 degree angle

The jib also lowers incredibly far down or can be

tightened and tilted to almost a 90 degree angle

To prevent tipping or collapsing safety rods lock into

place when the booms reach the maxiumum

allowed tilt angle

Here's a good shot with both the main boom and

lifting jib tilted to anlost a straight up 90 degrees

Looking down from a ladder above you see this is

no small crane

Your eyes get lost looking up the boom from the

 carbody walkway below

Huge! Right? But just how huge do you think...

4 or 5 feet maybe???

The truth is this crane fully erect reaches nearly

an incrediable 6 feet!!! Thats without any

additional 40' or 20' mast inserts that

are available for purchase

If that picture earlier didn't give you enough of an

idea of this machines size here'sanother pic

looking down at that same man from earlier

The man is just a spec in the picture next to the

18000, and this isn't even a full picture of the crane!

The man becomes nearly invisable in a full crane shot

A fully extended TEREX AC500-1 SSL crane

is no match next to the MANITOWOC beast

Liebherr 883... where? ooooh there, I could

barely see it... I wonder how many the 18000

could lift?

Here's a good  size comparison shot for you

...and another

...and another

...and one more. There's just no match

Assembly of this crane is no easy task, the line of trucks

hauling in pieces seems endless

Here an AC500-1 lifts one of the first of the front under body

counter wieghts

Attempting to lower one of the HUGE mast pieces into place

Ok months ago I saw a picture of a MANITOWOC 18000

holding up a folding chair and I thought to myself "thats

impossible no model could lift that much weight"... Well

I never thought I'd have the pleasure to own one of these

 cranes in my collection but now i do and after assembling

 and rigging the beast I  was admiring it and remembered

 that picture... I had to put it to the test and see if it was

 true. Here's proof the MANITOWOC 18000 can even lift an

 alluminum folding chair!!! If you look closely the MAX-ER

actually lifts of the ground but withstands the chairs

 weight!!! I'd like to see another 1/50 scale model try

 this! I vote this model of the year by a long shot=)


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