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Wirtgen 1900DC profiler "kokosing"

Manufacturer: NZG

Scale: 1:50

Here is the Wirtgen 1900DC profiler in "kokosing" livery by NZG,

you can see how large the machine is as that man walks up to it

The inside has two control stations depending where the operator

wants to stand

The four rubber tracks turn can turn

Here's a frontal view of the model

View of the left side, with detailed ladders and railings

Rear view, with warning stripping

And the right side, you can see the diecast railings and ladders

that lead up onto the operators plateform

"kokosing" Co. decals

The front conveyor belt can be lifted high

...or lowered low

...it can also turn from side to side

Here's a shot from under the profiler to show a close-up

of the revolving ripping drum

Not a bad load for displaying on your shelf

Here's a pic of the kokosing 1900DC in action shaving down

this roadway to prepare for a new asphalt layer


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