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CAT 24H grader

Manufacturer: NORSCOT

Scale: 1:50

Here is the HUGE CAT 24H grader by Norscot, you can see just how

incrediably big this machine is with that man standing by the blade

The inside is more detailed than most with a fitted operators chair

with side arm-rests, controls along the side, and a steering wheel

The cab doors are functional and can be opened or closed, there's

also many more details including windshield wipers and the

CATERPILLAR window decal

Here's a view of the front end

Painted lights and an amber warning beacon light on top

Front wheels steer

Here's a close-up of the front steering axle hydraulics

Massive engine compartment makes up the models rear

The right side

The blade does everything the real machine would be capable of:

it raises...

...it lowers...

...it tilts back...

...it tilts forward...

...it turns right...

...it turns left...

...it extends way out to one side...

...or it extends way out to the other

Here's a pic of all the hydraulics that control on the functions of

the blade from raising it, to extending it, to steep angling it

Not only do teh front wheels steer but right behind the cab the

machine also pivits allowing for a variety of steering options

 and capabilities

The rear is equipped with a strip of ripping blades 

Blades are completly functional and can be raised or lowered

Machine is equiped with a full leveling suspension system

insuring that blade will stay level all the time

Here's a comparison pic of the 24H vs. the 140G to show

you just how big this grader really is

Just barely fitting on this lowboy all I can conclude by saying is this

is a very large piece of equipment and a great model filled with

details and besides having big rivits Im very pleased with it

and  recommened it to any model collector

Here's a shot of the CAT 24H grader keeping busy trying to clear

this roughed up haul road for the big mining trucks


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