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TRAIL KING 2x2x2 widebed lowloader

Manufacturer: Alan Smith

Scale: 1:48

This is the Trail King 2x2x2 widebed lowloader trailer kit from Alan Smith

Each part is fabricated by Alan out of white metal and arrives like this

Here is the Trail King 2x2x2 after i completed painting and assembling it,

you can get an idea of just how large it is by comparing it to that grown man

Pic from the front

Pic from the side

The right rear

The left rear

The model is essentially made up of 4 parts...

1- The jeep

2- The gooseneck

3- The lowbed

4- The dolly

The model has a fully functional detachable gooseneck

To lower the lowbed the gooseneck is unlatched from the jeep and the

truck pulls the jeep forward lowering the gooseneck which lowers the deck,

then the gooseneck is unhooked from the lowboy deck and the jeep is

then relatched to the gooseneck and drove forward to remove it from

the lowboy... To lift the lowbed the steps are just repeated in reverse

The rear jeep dolly is held on by a pin at the swing point

The pin can be removed so dolly can be detached

Close-up of the connection point

To make long road transport easier the Trail King can be broken up and

 loaded up onto itself like shown here

Here's a nice comparison shot for you of the Trail King 2x2x2 trailer next to a

standard 3 axle lowbed trailer

The trailer was painted in "MARCO" company colors so it could team up with

my Marco Kenworth T800 tractor

This trailer did take a large amount of time to build and was not very cheap,

but Alan Smith's pieces are definetly one of a kind so I am very pleased to

have the honor of owning this piece in my collection

Here's a shot of the Marco crew hauling a huge Cat D10T dozer

Side view of the Cat D10T on the move

A rear shot as the tractor trailer set drives by

Pic of the 2x2x2 moving part of a large sennebogen 5500 crane

Another photo of the 5500 being moved

Here's a heavy load, a Link-Belt LS-7400A excavator, being hauled on the

Trail King 2x2x2 lowbed trailer

Shot of another excavator being moved, this time a massive Cat 245

Side shot of the Caterpillar 245 excavator being moved from the yard to

the job site

The Trail King 2x2x2 lowbed trailer also works with most other 1/50 scale

tractors such as this Pete 379

Here's a pic of the 2x2x2 out on the open road hauling a big Link-Belt RTC


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