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Peterbilt 357 tractor w/ East dump trailer

Manufacturer: SWORD models

Scale: 1:50

Here is the cool new Pete 357 tractor with East dump trailer by SWORD

Shot to show off the realistic headlights and front end

View of the drivers side

Rear view, even has EAST branded mud-flaps

View of the right side

Features realistic air hoses and electrical line

Rubber tires all around, steer on the front axle

The Pete 357 tractor

Doors open to show off detailed interior

Front hoods opens up to expose the highly detailed realistic engine

The rear even has rubber mud-flaps w/ the Peterbilt logo on them... and

of course a nice "SWORD 07" licence plate

Features an adjustable sliding fifth wheel

The EAST dump trailer

Working screw-down landing gear legs

Air tanks on the rear and air,electrical lines running up to the front

Working staged hydraulic cylinder

Another shot with the trailer raised dumping

Steps, warning labels, and even a clean-up shovel

Features a working roll-out covering tarp

Tarp fully covering trailer

Removable plastic "wood" side rails

Working middle dump hatch

Hatch handle pulled up to show open hatch

The dump gate can be opened like above or provided pins can allow you

to change configuration like pic below...

...pins moved around allowing trailer to dump normally

Chains and slide over locking clips hold trailer gate closed

This is yet another Awesome model from Sword Models and is only being

made in a limited run of 500 so be sure to get your hands on one fast! The

model comes in many different colors and liveries and also works great with

other trailers such as this Norscot lowboy in this pic!

Shot of the 357 with East dump trailer being loaded up by a CAT 988

Here's a pic of the Pete having its dump trailer loaded up with extra earth

by a massive Link-Belt 7400 excavator at this deep water pipe project


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