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Manufacturer: SIKU

Scale: 1:55

Here is the SIKU 3725 container stacker, an idea of its size is

shown as it towers next to that walking worker

Nothing special or detailed about the cab just a plastic insert

 w/ seat and steering wheel

Close up of the over cab dual hydrolic system for tilting the mass

Container grab can fully extend to a width of almost twice that of a container

Once clasped the containers edges fit into a locking groove holding

it in place

Here's a rear view showing off the counter weight and back wheels

(unfortunately none of the wheels actually steer on the model)

Container grab is removeable enableing teh machine to also act

 as a massive forklift

All the pieces. The forks also slide from side to side on the 3725

and the container doors open and close

Loadin' up the flatbed

Here's an in action shot of the machine at this shipping storage yard

stacking up containers to make room for the next arriving shipment




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