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CAT 375 excavator

Manufacturer: JOAL

Scale: 1:50

Here is one of my favorite models, the CAT 375 excavator from JOAL. You can

see just how big this machine is with that man standing below the cab there

The cab has a plastic operators seat and some side and floor controls,

along with an overhead protective cab guard

Features plastic linked tracks

Front view looking down the long digging boom

View of the left side, also showing booms massive size

The rear view

View of the right side

Boom raises high, almost vertical

This thing can dig waaaay deep here's a pic to show just how far down it can go

5 toothed ditch digging bucket

Photo of the 375 next to a 365B L

You can't have just one of these babies...

Although this model is now discountinued and becoming very rare to find

it really is a great quality model one of JOAL's finer pieces of work... If you

can get your hands on one of these models I highly suggest it you will

be impressed and hopefully enjoy it as much as I do

Here is a pic of one of McAninch's 375's in action digging a trench for

a large steel storm drain pipe, another 375 equipped with a compactor

wheel can be seen working in the background as well...


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