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TRAIL KING widebed 3x3x3 lowloader

Manufacturer: Alan Smith

Scale: 1:48

This is the Trail King widebeded 3x3x3 lowloader trailer kit from Alan Smith

Alan Smith makes each piece individually out of white metal and comes

in heat wrapped plastic sections like shown above

To give you an idea of teh massive trailers size here's a picture of the kit after

I finished painting and putting it all together, look how small that full

sized figure man looks stading beside it

Here's a view from the front of the gooseneck and jeep

Side view of front gooseneck & jeep

The rear axles of lowbed

The rear 3 axles are on a central rear point allowing the lowbed to be raised

and lowered will the 3 axles remain level (compare the angle of the

lowbed on this pic to the one above)

The rear and back dolly

Dolly is attached by one removable pin at the connection point

Close-up of dolly

The rear with mud-flaps and "OVERSIZE LOAD" decal

Plastic is provided to create mud-flaps and the "Trail King" and "OVERSIZE"

decals are also included with the kit by Alan

The trailer is essientially made up of 4 parts

1-The front jeep

2- The gooseneck

3- The lowbed

4- The rear dolly

The jeep and dolly can easily be removed

Without the jeep or dolly the lowbed is just one big lowboy trailer

When not hauling a load the trailer can be disassembled and the parts can

be loaded up onto the lowbed for easier transport

To disasseble the gooseneck for loading the jeep is drove forward so the

lowboy can be lowered, the gooseneck is unlatched and the the jeep

is re-hocked and driven forward with the gooseneck...

..like shown here

Now loads can easily be driven onto the deck

To raise the lowbed the steps are repeated in reverse... The jeep backs up

the gooseneck, unhooks and pulls forward therefore lowering it, then the

 gooseneck is reattached to the lowbed and the jeep is once again backed

up to the now attached to the lowboy gooseneck forcing it to raise it

Here's a good shot for size comparison of the 3x3x3 next to 3 axle lowboy

As massive as the 2x2x2 trailer is it is still no match to the 3x3x3

This huge Trail King can be hooked up to most tractors like shown here

attached to the Peterbilt 379

Here's a pic of the massive trailer hauling a huge CAT D11R dozer

To match up with the 3x3x3 I also got a Kenworth T800 kit from Alan to

haul the trailer full time on my display shelf

Right turns gotta be fun with a truck trailer combo like this!

Overhead shot

The trailer all disassembled being moved across state to a large

equipment auction

Here's a photo of the T800 and Trail King hauling a Liebherr LR1280

crane section

...another view

...and one more shot

The massive CAT 657G scraper is no problem for this trailer to move

Looks like a big train when this baby's cruising down the street

This is a kit I've wanted for sometime now and finally was able to get

about a year ago and finish up just recently... Although Alan's kits are

not cheap and take a lot of time and effort to put togther they are

astonishing once complete

Here's another in action shot of the Trail King 3x3x3, this time moving

a Caterpillar 385C L excavator

And another photo of the Trail King hauling 85 tons as if it were nothing at all

Here's a pic of the huge 3x3x3 cruising down the highway with over 70

tons of pure iron a big CAT 657G scraper


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