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CAT 5130B hydraulic backhoe

Manufacturer: NZG

Scale: 1:50

Here is the massive CAT 5130B hydraulic backhoe model from NZG. You

can see just how big this thing is with the man getting ready to

climb up on it

The cab is lined with tinted windows and inside consists of an operators

seat, side levers, computer controls, and front/floor pedals

Thick rubber tracks

Front view of the beast

Side view

The massive rear counter weight

View of the opposite side

The large 5 toothed mass digging bucket

All functions are done with dual hydraulic power from the boom lift to

the bucket scoop

Walkways and handrails line the machines upper body with detail

Photo to show the boom fully raised

Max digging depth, this machines made for strength not depth

Ladders pull down to get into the machine (shown here still up)

The ladder pulled down

The opposite side also features a pull down ladder for access

Ladder down on the opposite side- you can also see details like

 the hydraulic lines leading into the boom in the background

The 5130B next to the 5130 shovel

Here's a shot of the large backhoe in action at the quarry loading up

a Caterpillar 777d haul truck with heavy rock and earth


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