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Manufacturer: JOAL

Scale: 1:50

Here the 530ATT's size is given  by its driver

View of the interior drive cab with both seats and steering wheel

View of the operators cab with steering wheel and seat

Side / front view

Six wheel drive with all 3 axles steerable

4 fully function pull out - screw down outriggers

Pic of the single operating pully

Photo showing swing over boom extention in its non-use position

Picture of the 4 stage boom fully extended

Fully extended boom reaches close to 25 inches tall

Here's a shot of the boom at its max height with the

swing over boom in place

Boom extended with swing over boom in place and fully extended

With the boom extended, and the swing over boom in place

extended the cranes can reach close to 3 feet tall!

Considering the price this is not a bad model and is a good addition to any

crane collectors collection

The 530ATT in action lifting some new A/C units

to the roof of this building



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