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CASE 570 MXT box scraper

Base Model: ERTL 590 super L backhoe

Scale: 1:50

Here is my custom made CASE 570 MXT with box scraper created from

a ERTL 590 super L backhoe

I got tired of wondering why a model of this machine hadn't been built

yet and decided to create my own...

The box scraper is made out of sheet metal and works off a single

hydraulic which lifts and lowers the box (box shown lowered here) 

Photo of box in the fully raised position, also showing a close-up

of the raised rippers

The box scraper works as a "push" blade when in reverse and also

as a "pull" blade when driving forward

Front view looking back

This is a great machine for a varity of work jobs from road repair

and grading down to touch up landscaping jobs

Here's a pic of the 570 MXT busy at work doing some final

leveling for a new sidewalk




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