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LIEBHERR L 586 2plus2 wheel loader

Manufacturer: NZG

Scale: 1:50

Here is the LIEBHERR L 586 wheel loader from NZG, you can get an idea

of this machines size by comparing it to that man beside it 

Side view

Front view

View of the other side

Rear view

Nice metal handrails

Protective cab guard

Cab guard can easily be snapped off

Hydraulic lines lead into hydraulic cylinders, painted rivits add extra detail

Hydraulic articulated steering

Working suspension on rear axle

The tires are even marked with the GOOD YEAR brand name as well

as contain the tire measurements and series model

The loader bucket tilts back...

...tilts down...

...boom raises...

...and bucket dumps

Bottom view of the reinforced toothed loader bucket

Loader boom raises high enough to clear trucks such as this Mack Granite

This model is similar to the LIEBHERR L 586 but much more detailed and a

much better value for the price

Here's a pic of the big LIEBHERR loader in action loading up a trailer

dump at this materials site


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