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JLG 600AG articulating boom lift

Manufacturer: NORSCOT

Scale: 1:50

Here is the NORSCOT JLG 600AG aticulated boom lift, you can get an idea

of this lifts size with that man beside the basket

The wheels are made of rubber and the front axle is steerable

Body can rotate 360 degrees

Pic with all boom sections down and folded up


View of the basket and controls

Jib lifts up and down

Pic with jib raised

This things small but mighty... Pic with all the

boom sections out and raised

Reaches close to 15 inches high

The 600AG is a nice little model Norscot did a good job on painting the rivits

on one side (like shown above) too bad they couldn't of done the same

 to the other side as well=/

Here's a shot of the JLG 600AG in action at this demolition

project lifting workers for inspection purposes and

raising others with water hoses to keep the dust down


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