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JOHN DEERE 624J  loader (high detail)

Manufacturer: ERTL

Scale: 1:50

Here is another one of ERTL's high detailed models the JOHN DEERE

624J... you can get an idea of how big it is by that man waving there

The cab has all the right controls on the right of the operators

seat as well as steering wheel and front dash

This is a great model the only let down is the huge, unpainted,

rivits on the boom

The real detail of this model is the opening engine compartments

with fully detailed engine inside, you can also see the rear spot lights

and overhead cab detail here in this photo

Rear radiator fan opens as well

The same goes for the opposite side...

Here you can see the mirriors and spot lights on the cab roof

as well as the fuel fill pipe below the cab

The bucket can easily be removed with the functional quick hitch

Features rear axle suspension system

This is a great model for the price and a huge improvement for

ERTL, teams up great with this lowboy combo

Here's the 624J busy at work at this materials yard stacking

up sand and gravel into a big pile



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