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CASE 650H dozer

Manufacturer: ERTL

Scale: 1:50

This here is the little CASE 650H dozer from ERTL. You can get a scale

size of the machine as its operator climbs on in

Nice little cab with levers, pedals, and dash controls

Frontal view

Side view with overhead R.O.P.S.

Rear view with protective mesh and tow hitch slot

View of the other side

The front blade raises and lowers but also tilts from side to side

Pic 2 to show how blade raises and lowers and tilts from side to side

This is actually a really cool little model you get a great amount for practically

nothing... The model is very inexpensive and besides having rubber tracks and

unpainted rivits its a great piece for any collection

Here's a shot of the 650H in action inside a large trench getting the floor

smooth so the large steel pipes can be lowered down and rest on level ground


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