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CAT 769D off-highway truck

Manufacturer: NZG

Scale: 1:50

This here is NZG's CAT 769D off-highway truck, you can see the trucks

size with that man standing in front there

Although kinda difficult to see the operators cab includes two seats

and a steering wheel

Front soft rubber tires steer

View of the drivers side

Rear view

Model features working spring loaded suspension system

Working dump bed (tilts steep for pouring load unlike some models such as the Norscot 777D)

Front view with detailed headlights

Overhead dump body view

Dual hydraulics dump the bed

The more the marrier

Here's a comparison pic for you of the 769D next to the 777d and 793C,

its not the biggest in the family but it gets the job done

Off to the site the truck goes

Here's a shot of a few 769D's in action being loaded up one after another

by that 365B L ME excavator


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