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CAT 777D w/ KLEIN water tank

Manufacturer: NORSCOT

Scale: 1:50

This is Norscots new CAT 777D  equipped with a KLEIN water tank,

you can see the trucks size as that man stands next to the tire

This hard to see picture is supposed to show the cab details which

 isn't anything more than an operators seat and steering wheel

Here's a front view pic showing off its painted lights and

 overhead railings with access ladders dropping down,

also to show that the front wheels turn

View of the left drivers side w/ official KLIEN logos and tank

The rear with its spray nozels and piping

The right side shows the remainder of the front railings as well

as the fuel tank and rubber swinging mud flaps

Some of the great added details are included in this pic consisting

of a painted extension hose along with spray nozzle and also ladder

leading up to tank top and overhead spray nozzles and piping

Tanker body tilts

Truck as a rear hydraulic suspention sytem allowing for a

smooth and level ride

Here's the 777D tanker teamed up with the 777D dump

As the CAT 24H grader clears out the hual truck road the 777D

water tanker follows behind spraying water to keep the dust down



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