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CAT 793D off highway truck

Manufacturer: NORSCOT

Scale: 1:50

Here is the long awaited Collector Edition CAT 793D off-highway truck

from Norscot, You can get an idea of just how big this truck is as

that man attempts to climb up onto it

The model features "OHS" style details if you ask me, the tires are a high

quaulity rubber and turn with ease

Drivers side view with waffle style dump body

The incredibly detailed front end

View of the right side

The rear, even features a safety rope for holding up the dump body

while repairs are being made. You can also see the working

hydraulic suspension cylinders on the huge rear drive axle

Features a high rise 3 stage hydraulic dump body

Overhead shot to show you just how big the smooth dump bed is

The details on this model are quite phenomenal even the railings are made

of metal instead of the cheap plastic that we normally see from Norscot

Here's a side by side shot of the Norscot 793D next to the NZG 793C. I must

admit Norscot did a really good job on this model and it was worth the long

wait I hope we are able to see many more models in this highly

 detailed Collectors Edition line from Norscot!

Here's a pic of a 793D in action gettin loaded up with rock and earth

by a CAT 994F loader

Shot of the big CAT off-highway truck in action dumping its load


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