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CAT 825H soil compactor

Manufacturer: Norscot

Scale: 1:50

Here is the long awaited 825H soil compactor from Norscot. You can get

an idea of this machines size with that man beside it there

The cab is suprisingly detailed

Front view, shows large blade, windshield wiper on cab, overhead and

 front work lights,and side mirrors

Side view, the railings are nice and thin unlike some of Norscots previous

models with extra large railings

Rear view, this model even has fine details like a fire extinguisher on it

View of the other side

Here's a shot from underneath the 825H to show the anticlogging metal

teeth to keep the compactor wheels clean and to prevent clogging

The front blade is completely functional and can be raised or lowered

The blade can also be slightly angled

The model has articulating steering and even a locking piece to lock the

model in a specific way if desired

Another shot of the locking brace in a different position

This is an awesome model from Norscot and hopefully we'll be seeing many

more like this to come in the future

Here's a shot of the 825H in action compacting this fill area as ADT's

and scrapers unload their loads

Another shot of the CAT compactor up close compacting and leveling this area


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