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CAT 854G wheel dozer

Manufacturer: NORSCOT

Scale: 1:50

Here is Norscot's CAT 854G wheel dozer, you can get a feel for this dozers

size with that man leaning against the blade arm there

The cab ins't anything special but a plastic minor detailed insert

Front view to show off the push blade

Rear view with matching walkways and stairways on each side

View of the right side

The blade lowers down and digs into the ground...

...can be tilted forward...

...raised and tilted back...

...raised and tilted down...

...even angled

Pic to show the blades hydraulic cylinder set up

The 854G is the same exact rear end as the 992G and does look nice when

placed side by side to one another on display

Here's a shot of the CAT 854G wheel dozer in action next to a Liebherr 996 shovel


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