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LIEBHERR MTR924 w/ Leonard boom

Manufacturer: CONRAD

Scale: 1:50

Here is the LIEBHERR MTR924 with rotating Leonard boom model

from CONRAD. You get an idea of its size with that guy there

The cabs inside has an operators seat with a side mounted control

display panel, two joy sticks, and foot pedals

Picture of the models rear and nicely painted decals

View of the right side and rubber tracks

Even has the official "LEONARD" markings on the boom with

phone number and website

Great hydraulic line detail

Here's a shot of the machine with it boom raised

Boom lowered and angled

Boom down and angled and extended

The boom can be rotated a full 360 degrees

...second photo showing boom rotation

Boom can be extended

End is fitted with a quick coupler allowing for different attachments

The three provided attachments...hydraulic breaker,tilting ditch cleaning bucket, ripping hook


The following are photos are a sequence to show how

manuverable the boom and bucket are:


As you can see this thing is extremely versitile

Another shot with the ditch cleaning bucket attached

The hydraulic hammer attached, hammer tip really works it

pushes in and out, notice all the great detail on this attachment

The ripper blade attachment attached

Loaded up on the lowboy attachments and all ready for the job

site... This is a really cool, unique, and highly detailed model not a

bad addition to go along with your other LIEBHERR models on the shelf

Here's  a shot of the MTR924 cleaning the sides of this

storm creek water bed with its ditch cleaning bucket

Another in action shot of the LIEBHERR, here breaking up this

rocky mountain side with its hydraulic hammer

And to finish it all off here's a pic showing just how versitile

this baby is as is in narrow trench using its ripper attachment

to drill beneath the overhead roadway to make way for a new

24" water pipeline




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