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CAT 950H wheel loader

Manufacturer: Norscot

Scale: 1:50

Here is the long awaited Cat 950H wheel loader from Norscot, you can get

an idea of the machines size by comparing it to that man beside it

Front view; shows large toothed bucket

Side view; New CAT Power Edge logos

Rear; large backend along with back-up lights

The opposite side; Shows handrails

Large rubber tires, hydraulic cylinders control the articulated steering

Both cab doors swing open!

Detailed cab interior

Fully functional loader arm

Bucket dumps, arms don't reach to high but do reach higher than that

of the cat 963D track loader

All rivits have been nicely touched up with paint, hydraulic lines have

also been added to the hydraulic cylinders

Comparison shot of the 950H next to the 963D

Photo to show how the 950H has a little bit higher reach than the 963D

This is an awesome model and very detailed for the price

Shot of the CAT 950H loading up a Mack dump truck

Here's an in action pic of the loader dumping some backfill into this trench


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