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CAT 953D track loader

Manufacturer: Norscot

Scale: 1:50

Here is the CATERPILLAR 963D track loader in 1/50 scale from Norscot.

You can get an idea of this machines size my using that man as a reference

Front view of teh model-notice the painted rivits

Side view- with new CAT power edge logos-also all rivits painted

The rear

The right side

Nice large front window w/ wiper and detailed cab mold

Smooth rolling METAL tracks!

Features a working 3 tooth ripper on the back

Pic to show the ripping teeth lowered

The front bucket isn't limited to downward tilt like on a lot of models

Bucket also tilts back

Raises (unfortunatly doesn't clear most 1/50 dumps)

Bucket dumps

Molded to act as if connected to a quick hitch

Close-up shot of the toothed bucket

All the rivits are nicely painted and hydrauic lines have been added for

even more detail

This is an AWESOME model that has been much anticipated all year long,

with the exception of the loader not having a high reach the level of detail,

espiecially for the price, is unbelievable! This is a great model that I

suggest to anyone who has been thinking about purchasing one

Shot of the CAT 963D loader loading up a bottom dump trailer

Here's a pic of teh 963D in action out on the jobsite loading up another

belly dump trailer


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