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CAT 988 loader

Manufacturer: CCM

Scale: 1:48

Here is the CATERPILLAR 988 loader by CCM, you can get an idea of

this beasts size by comparing it to that man waving beside its huge tires

Front view

Side view

Rear view

Right side

The details on this model are unbelievable, It has metal railings all the way

around and every bit of metal along with all rivits have been touched up w/ paint

Close-up of the boom assembly to show hydraulic lines and detail

Hydraulic articulated steering

BIG hard rubber tires

Detailed Caterpillar engine thats visable on both sides

Even under the model the details continue like how you can see the radiator

fan here

The rear axle pivits and while the tires raise the mud guard raises

as its pushed up

Even the cab is removable

Nicely detailed inside with pedals, levers, and steering wheel

Large toothed bucket with reinforced rock guard sides

This is an AWESOME model from the CCM line-up and I must highly recommend

it to anyone who loves precision models because thats exacatly what it is!

Here's a shot of the 988 in action loading up a CAT 725 ADT


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