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CAT 992G loader

Manufacturer: NORSCOT

Scale: 1:50

This is CATERPILLAR's 992G loader, you get an idea of just how

big this loader is as that man stands waving below the machine

Not much to the cab there's an operators seat and control panel

Here's a front end view giving you a good shot of its big bucket

Here's a left side view which shows the walkway railings as

well as the operators mirriors

The rear with its massive radiator grille

Both sides contain a full walkway with stairs and railings

View of the right side showing the uniqness of this model having

 a single thick lift boom rather than two smaller sized ones

Here's a close-up of the front toothed bucket with wear guards

Model has a working rear suspension system which allows

the front bucket to stay level on no matter what terrian

Steering works off hyraulic piviting

Besides having a few big rivits and perhaps a bit oversized hand

railings this is a good model considering the price and I'm happy

to have it as a part of my collection

Here's a pic of a brand new 992G just leaving the CAT factory

and heading off to its first job site

Scoop after scoop the 992G laods haul truck after haul truck



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