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CAT 994F wheel loader

Manufacturer: NORSCOT

Scale: 1:50

Here is awesome Collectors Edition CAT 994F wheel loader, just look at the

size of this beast that full size man isn't even half the size of the tire

Large cab with standard interior details

Massive soft rubber tires

Front view, shows the big scoop bucket with ware guards and all

the overhead headlamp details

Side view with crisp paintjob and new style "CAT" logo's

The rear, shows the matching side by side stair cases leading up

View of the other side

Norscot's Collectors Edition run models like this beauty and the matching 793D

are amazing the details become near precision except for just a few minor

flaws such as the unpainted rivits

Unlike most of Norscot's models all the railings on this

 machine are actually made of metal and not plastic!

Another shot of the metal railings and operators cab with overhead warning lights

Smooth articulating hydraulic pivit stering

Close-up of the bucket to show off the re-enforcement plating and front edge

The bucket can be tilted down for scooping...

...tilted back for loading...

...raised high...

...and dumped (doesn't dump completly down sadly but this

 doesn't take away from the model)

Pic to show the beefy loader arm

The new Norscot 994F vs. the old NZG 994, This is an absolute fantastic model

in my eyes, besides having a few small little flaws I must say Great Job

Norscot I hope we can see many more models like this in the near future!

Its amazing to think the 994F costs about 1/4 as much as the 994 and looks

100 times more detailed! If you don't already have one, GET ONE!

Here's a shot of a brand new 994F in action at the maddison quarry loading

up a CAT 793D off highway truck

...And another shot of the brand new 994F in action


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