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LIEBHERR A314 wheeled excavator

Manufacturer: NZG

Scale: 1:50

Here is LIEBHERR's A314 wheeled excavator from NZG. You can get a rough

idea of this machines size with that man beside it

The cab is fully detailed with everything from side joysticks

 to a center steering wheel

Rubber wheels that steer on the front

Front view, shows headlights, wipers, and handrails

Side view, shows warning decals, hrdraulic lining, and mirriors

Rear view, with tail lights and warning labels

The right side, shows all the painted rivits

3 piece hydraulic boom

Front blade raises...

...and lowers

Rear hydraulic stabilizers on the rear

Pic with stabilizers lowered

Incredible hydraulic lining detail up and down the boom into the carbody

Unlike my other A314's that have working quick couplers this one has a

quick coupler but the bucket was rivited on but buy drilling the tip off

one end of the rivits the bucket can become removeable and the

quick coupler made operable

Photo to show the excavators maxiumum digging depth

Excavators max boom reach

The A314 next to a few painted livery edition A314's

This is a greatly detailed model that can be found relatively cheap I highly

recommened it to anyone who doesn't already have one

Here's a photo of the A314 in action at this construction site digging

a trench an underground drainage pipe


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