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TEREX AC200 "SCHOLPP" mobile crane

Manufacturer: NZG

Scale: 1:50

Here is the incredible AC200 in "SCHOLPP" livery by NZG. You can get

an idea of the cranes size with that man walking beside it there

Here's a front end view inside the cab to show off details like dual

bucket seats and a large steering wheel

The models front two, as well as rear two axles turn

Drivers side view painted beautifully in SCHOLPP colors

Front view with warning stripes, headlights, mirriors, overhead beacons

View of the right side with jib folded back

Rear view with warning stripes, diamond plate tool boxes, and waring beacon

You even get a nice set of soft NZG gloves to keep off those finger prints

Four 2 stage screw down outriggers

The outriggers are capable of raising the crane off the ground

The crane itself is actually quite heavy with its built on counter

weight and then when you add on its two additional counter weights

 this baby's ready for some serious heavy lifting

Just like teh real thing the crane can place the counter weights

up front and then spin around and lock them into place

The counter weights all attached and in place

...And now the beast is ready for action!

Counter weights are screwed on with the two bolts in the center

Unlike most model cranes the scheives are actually made of brass!

...and not plastic!

...Same with the hook scheives, all brass

Diamond plating covers most of the cranes upper deck along with railings

and one heck of a crisp paint job with all the SCHOLPP markings

The operators cab tilts up for eaiser visability (compare this pic with the

pic above)

The operators cab has a full complete dash with side seat controls / levers

Six stage main boom mast reaches high into the sky

View looking down from above

With the main boom fully extended upright the crane reaches a

height of just over 54 inches, thats over 4 feet!

If the crane still isn't high enough for what ever reason the AC200

is also equipped with a jib to give it an additional amount of height

With the boom fully extended upright and the jib attached the crane can

reach over an amazing 68 inches!!! Or should I say 5 feet 8 inches!

Here's a close-up of the provided angle jib and locking pins

Here's a close-up of the cables pully reel

A special tool is provided that slips onto the pully for easy turning

This crane is capable of some serious lifting, here is just a

small demo of what it can do as it lifts that CAT D10T with eaze

Although smaller in size to the AC500-1 the AC200

is quite comprible as the photo here shows

Here's a second AC200 / AC500-1 comparison shot

The AC200 is an awesome model and I highly highly recommened it to anyone

who's interested in cranes. The details on this crane are unbelivable and I personally

don't think the photos due enough justice of the fantastic quality of this model,

especially for the price, it costs less that half of what the AC500-1 sells for...


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