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CAT D10N dozer

Manufacturer: ERTL

Scale: 1:50

Here is the CAT D10N dozer from ERTL. You can get a rough idea of this

machines size with that man standing beside the dozer

Not to much to see in the cab but it does consist of an operators seat

Rubber tracks

Front view-the large front push blade

Side view-shows overheads R.O.P.S.

Rear view-with pull hitch

Right side view

Blade can dig into the earth...

...or raise high (a huge plus unlike a lot of models which barely raise)

Push, push, push

D10T compared to D10N

Makes a good load for any large lowboy, espiecially if you were

 to remove the blade

Shot of the dozer in action pushing a 631 scraper down the grade area


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