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LIEBHERR A314 wheeled excavator "NBG" livery

Manufacturer: NZG

Scale: 1:50

Here is NZG's limited edition (1 of 100) LIEBHERR A314 in factory painted

"NBG" co. livery. You can get a feel for this machines size with

that man getting ready to hop in

The cab detail is quite impressive as the picture proves

Rubber tires, front two are steerable

Here's a front view showing off the astounding detail and crisp "NBG" paintjob.

The model has warning decals, wiper blades on the windshield, headlights

and turn signals, handrails, to many details to list!

Side view showing off those "NBG" colors

Rear view with NBG colors and logoing

And the opposite side

Excavator features a 3 pieced boom

Handrails and mirriors on the cab

The "NBG" logo's wrap all around the machine

If all the other details didn't impress you look at the hydrauilic lines that

run up and down the boom into the carbody... amazing!

Front blade raises...

...and lowers

Rear working hydraulic stabilizers

Pic with the staibilizers down

This thing even features a working quick coupler! Bucket comes off by removing

two pull-out pins and two extra spare pins are even provided with the box

Photo to show the excavators maxiumum digging depth

Boom fully raised nearly straight up

The "NBG" liveried A314 next to a few of its brothers

The detail is amazing on this model and the paint job with "NBG" logoing

is just fantastic great job on this model NZG!

Here's a shot of the NBG wheeled excavator in action lowering some piping


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