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LIEBHERR A314 wheeled excavator "RASCHE" livery

Manufacturer: NZG

Scale: 1:50

Here is the NZG limited edition (only 100 of these made) LIEBHERR A314 in

factory painted "RASCHE" livery. You can get an idea of the wheeled

excavators size with that man next to it there

The cab is amazingly detailed as the picture above proves

Model features rubber tires, front two steer

Frontal view

Side view showing off "RASCHE" colors

Rear view all "RASCHE" done

The right side

The paint and deatil done in "RASCHE" colors is unbeliveably crisp and shinny

The deatail runs from head to toe, from front to back, on this machine

Cab railings and mirriors

Front push blade that raises...

...and loweres

Rear working raising and lowering hrdraulic stailizers

3 piece hydraulic boom

Hydraulic lines up and down the boom into the carbody

Digs deep... here's its max digging depth

Raises up high- here boom fully raised upright

As if all the other incrediable details weren't enough the model also features

a quick couplour that works by removing just two pins

 (2 extra pins are even provided in the box)

The "RASCHE" A314 with a few others

This is a very impressive finely detailed model model, the paint job is crisper

than pictures can show, the "RASCHE" logo and other decaling is amazing,

there is not a single visable rivit, and the model even features realistic

headlights and windshield wipers!

Here's a picture at one of "RASCHES" job sites of there A314 working

on digging a trench for some piping


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