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Manufacturer: CONRAD

Scale: 1:50

Here is the LIEBHERR A954 B-HD wheeled material handler

excavator by CONRAD, you can get an idea of the models

size with that man standing below the machine

The cab has details including operators joysticks, levers, pedals,

and steering wheel

The two large front rubber tires can turn

Here's a view of the front

View of the left side

Rear view

Right side view

The model comes with two attachments, a smooth clam shell

bucket and orange peel grapple. Either one can be attached

or detached easily with just the reval or insertion of one pin

Hydraulic lines plug into the attachment and attachments can

also rotate 360 degrees

Here's a second picture to compare with the one above to

show the attachments 360 degree rotation capability

This machine has quite a deep digging depth ability

Not only does it dig deep this A954 B-HD also

 reaches high into the sky

360 degree carbody rotation as well

Although discontinued this is not a bad model from CONRAD

and I'm pleased to have it as part of my collection

Here's a shot of the LIEBHERR in action at this building

site removing large bucket fulls of extra dirt


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