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Welcome to KensDiecastConstructionModels.com!


This is a site of my own personal collection of models that

I wanted to share with you all! I'm sorry but nothing on here

is actually for sale... I do however have a 'links' page that

 lists lots of model retailers where I'm sure you will be able

 to find what you're looking for!


Besides model photos and reviews I also have a 'Customs'

page with models I've created myself, a 'Guest pics' with

 pictures from others such as yourself, an even an 'In Action'

 page with pictures of models actually out and working on

 the job site! Just to give you a quick "heads up", anytime

 a title is in blue that means you can click on it for more

 detailed pics and info...


Thanks for looking and I really, really hope you enjoy what you

 see!!! If you want to keep up on updates and other new info

 you can add your name to my mailing list  and I'll try to

 keep you posted as much as possible!


If you're into the Real Deal be sure to check out my other

website; SoCalEarthMovers.com it's loaded with tons of

pictures and video clips of real machinery!



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