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CAT AP-1055B tracked paver "kokosing"

Manufacturer: NZG

Scale: 1:50

Here is the "kokosing" livery CAT AP-1055B paver by NZG, you

can see the machines size with that man standing beside it

The operator gets to sit on a swivel chair above the machine

The operators seat and controls can slide from one side to the other

Rubber tracks move the paver

Here's a frontal view

Left side view

Rear view

And right side view

The front pour basin can open wide for trucks...

...and can also tilt up to get all teh asphalt onto the

center conveyor

"kokosing" Co. decals

The paver plateform can be lifted

...or lowered

Here's a shot of the asphalt distribution auger

The paver can remain narrow for small jobs or transport...

...but it can also extend wide for bigger jobs like roads or runways

Looks great for use as a lowboy load

Here's a shot of the kokosing paving crew in action with the

AP-1055B hard at work laying fresh new asphalt


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