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INTERNATIONAL Transtar w/ custom belly dump trailer

Manufacturer: Corgi

Scale: 1:50

Here is Corgi's INTERNATIONAL Transtar tractor with custom built belly dump

trailer unit. You can see the trucks size with that man beside it there

The tractor is very detailed, in this pic you can see the shinny chrome rims,

the "no. 3 diesel" decal on the fuel tank, and the airhose dummy coupler stand

The front is detailed with realistic marker lights and headlights, an Ohio

licence plate, and even the handles for pulling the cab down for engine access

The interior of the cab is very detailed as the pic should show

The right side is just like the left but with smoke stack & intake details along

with an antenna above the mirror

The rear also has an official looking Ohio license plate and mud flaps with

a tilting fifth wheel

The cab tilts foward and reveals a very detailed real looking engine

with everything from a radiator fan to exhaust manifold

The trailer is a custom built belly dump whose creator is unknown

Very detailed throughout with rear air tank above, DOT reflective striping,

H bar bumper, and red brake and marker lights

Chrome rims and rubber tires

Nice wood trim around dump bed

The bottom of the trailer features a clam shell dumping slot (closed here)

To dump the clam shell doors open up

Above view with doors closed

Above view with doors open

Here's a photo of the Corgi Transtar with belly dump trailer being loaded up

by a massive CAT 375 excavator at this roadside construction project in town


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