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BAUER BG 24 H drill rig

Manufacturer: BRAMI

Scale: 1:50

Here is BRAMI's BAUER 24 H drill rig, you can get an idea

of the machines size by comparing it to that man beside it

The inside is very detailed as you can see with levers, peddles,

and even the computerized display screen

Metal linked tracks

View from behind... Very crisp paint and markings job

The details on this machine arn't left out anywhere heres

more proof showing the intake cylinder and top details

Here's a pic of the right side showing the access ladder

and also all the hydraulic lining running up the boom mast

The crawler tracks can be brought in tight for transport...

...and then they can be slid out at the job site for balance

and stabilization

Here's an under view to show how the tracks are brought in or

out by use of hydraulics

Since during road travel on trucks the tracks arn't the only thing

that stick out wide... 

...the walking platform can also be tilted  up making the rig

as narrow as possible

This model even features a detachable counter weight

The drill can be tilted to many different angles, it can be

tilted back like here...

...raised up...

...brought straight up...

...and also be pushed out

The boom top is equiped with a hudraulic

adjustable jib

Jib can be left out or tilted back

Hydraulic lines run up and down the boom

just like the real thing

One of the very few downfalls of this model is

that only one of the three pullys is actually

functionable (it operates the lift and lower of drill cylinder)

Here's a close up of the drill and bit housing

The drill auger bit exposed

Shot of the other side of drill end

View from above showing the crispness of the paint job and

all teh details that run from head to toe on this model

Besides a couple very minor flaws (like the non-working pullys) this is one

great model Brami did an outstanding job they even used the

littlest rivits evr and paited over them making them nearly

invisable... If you don't already own one of these for you

collection shelf I highly recommend one to you

The BG 24 H loaded up ready for its first drill into the earth

Here's the rig in action drilling piler holes that

will be filled with concrete for the outer foundation

supports of what will soon be a huge new hotel



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