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CAT 365B L excavator

Manufacturer: NORSCOT

Scale: 1:50

Here is the NORSCOT CAT 365B L excavator you can get an idea

of how big this machine is by comparing it to that man waving

The inside features a large operators seat and the

appropriate side controls as well as foot pedals on the floor

Here's a shot of the left side as well as the rear with its

massive counterweight and perfect CAT markings, also

shows the machines rubber tracks

Full hydraulic lining all the way up the boom and to hydraulics

View of the opposite side

A front and toothed bucket shot

Besides having those large NORSCOT famous rivits this is

an awesome model thats offered at a great price

Some deep maxiumum digging depth

Barely fitting onto this tri-axle lowboy the 365B L heads off to work

Here's a pic of the 365B L in action digging this 14' deep trench

for a new sewer drainage line



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