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CAT 5080 front shovel

Manufacturer: ERTL

Scale: 1:50

Here is the CATERPILLAR 5080 front shovel from ERTL. You can get an

idea of the machines size as that man passes beside it

The cab's interior has an operators seat, side control levers, and foot pedals

Large rubber tracks

Front view, shows frontal cab guard

Side view

Rear view

The other side

This machine has quite a hydraulic system, one thing that makes this model

allot better than the newer CAT 365C L front shovel in my eyes is that

even the shovel has hydraulics for opening and closing it

View of the toothed shovel (closed)

Hydraulic opening shovel

The boom is fully functional raises, lowers, pulls in, and extends out

Pic with the booms fully raised

The 5080 crew

Comparison pic of the 5080 next to a larger 5130 and smaller 245

Although one heck of a heavy load here's the 5080 in transit on this

multi-axled heavy hauler lowboy

Here's a good photo of the CAT front shovel in action loading up a

769D hual truckin just a few scoop fulls


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