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CAT 5110B mass excavator

Manufacturer: NORSCOT

Scale: 1:50

If you like big excavators then this model was built especially for

you! This is the Norscot CAT 5110B excavator you can see just how

  big this monster is with that man standing by the tracks there

The cab isn't anything much special it contains an operators

seat and some front levers

Here's a view of the left side showing off all the ladder and

walkway railing details along with one huge side

engine grille

A huge plus for this model is the fact that it has real

metal linked tracks

The rear is made up of one biiiiiiiiiig counterweight

Here's a view of the right side which also includes details

like service walkways with railings

The front view

A huge five tooth mass excavating bucket with underliing makes

up the booms tip

The bucket even has CAT molded into it

Full 360 degress rotation

The top is made up of twin stacks and intakes along with spot

lights everywhere and a far side mirrior for the operator

Here's a shot to show off just how deep this gigantor of an

excavator can dig

I must say I love excavators and this is one of my favorite along

with the 984 and PC1100LC i highly recommened it to any excavator

lover and this is a great model especially for the price Norscot offers!

The only minor flaw is some of the rivits are kinda big and unpainted

but thats what makes this model so affordable so they are fine with me!

How it even fits on this lowboy Im not sure but it looks good

Here's a good pic of the 5110B in action loading up that 777d

with massive scoops of earth and rock

And here's another good shot of "the big one" from another angle



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