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CAT D10T dozer

Manufacturer: NORSCOT

Scale: 1:50

Here is NORSCOT's CAT D10T dozer w/ rippers, you can get an

idea of this large machines size with that man standing by it's blade

The inside consists of a typical plastic cab insert with controler

and lever decals around the operators seat

Metal linked tracks!

Here's a front view showing off its large blade

Left side view, shows the overhead cab R.O.P.S.

Rear view with dual ripping teeth

Right side view, a good improvement on this model verses most

other Norscot models is the grab rails (like behind the blade

on the front) are actuallt made of metal and not plastic

An overhead shot to show the massive front radiator grill as well as

the dual exhaust stacks and spot lights on the front hydraulics

The front blade can be lowered and tilted back...

...or raised...

...or tilted forward

The rear rippers raise and lower

Pic with teeth lowered

The D10T twins

D11R vs. D10T vs. D8R size comparison

A great model for a load on the TWH Peterbilt truck... as you can see

The D10T putting its rippers to action as it tears up the ground so

the scrapers can follow behind and pick up the loosened soil


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