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CAT M318C wheeled excavator

Manufacturer: NZG

Scale: 1:50

This is the new upgraded version of the previous CAT M318, the

 M318C wheeled excavator. You can get an idea of the machines

 size with that man waving there

With the dark tinted windows its hard to see but the cabs inside

contains an operators seat with side controls as well

 as pedals and a steering wheel

The model has four sets of rubber tires, and like shown here

the rear sets turn 

The front blade is functional and can be raised or lowered

Here's a side view of the excavator

Pic of the opposite side

Rear view with tail lights and hazard lights

The two hydraulic stabilzers can be pulled down

The three piece boom allows for a wide varity of angles

Boom can be pulled in tight...

...or stretched out long. A close-up of the toothed bucket

This thing has quite a deep digging depth as you can see

The excavator teams up great with this lowboy and would look

great displayed on any shelf. This is a really nice looking model

and has the great NZG quilty of using small unnoticable rivits

Here's a shot of the M318C in action doing some roadside

maintance repair for this citys public works department



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