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CAT 385B L excavator w/ quick coupler

Base Model(s): NORSCOT 365B L / JOAL JCB JS 330L

Scale: 1:50

Here is my finally finished custom built CATERPILLAR 385B L excavator!

You can get a feel of the excavators massive size by comparing it to

the man beside the beast

I used to main base models to create this piece; the Norscot 365B L

excavator and the JOAL JCB JS330L excavator along with a few other parts

The excavators upper structure is a totally chopped up 365B L body that I

cut-up and re-shaped as well as added over an inch of length to.

Rear shot to show off the huge counter weight

The boom and dipper are originally from a JCB JS 330L excavator, which

worked perfect for the correct scale of this model.  All the side top

railings that line the machine are made from brass I bent into place

Metal linked tracks were a must for this model to make it top quality=)

Pic to show all the hydraulic lining details

Overhead shot to show custom railings, the hydraulic pump, and rear raised

engine section (originally from a CAT 5080 front shovel)

I like excavators much more when they are equipped with a quick coupler

on the end, so like most of my other custom models I had to incorporate

a quick coupler onto this model as well

The attachments just slide into place and a pin is inserted into the

rear holes to hold the attachment tight into place

I grinded down the original JCB JS 330L bucket and made it suitable

to work as an attachment on the quick coupler

I also scratch built a CAT hydraulic hammer attachment to work on this baby

Close up of the hammer

These are the two attachments made for the 385B L but all the other

 attachments featured in my other custom excavator model sections

fit the quick coupler as well...

...like various buckets...

...or even compaction wheels

Here's a pic to show the 385's maxiumum raised height

Pic to show its long reach

Photo to show just how incredibly deep this thing can really dig

375 / 385B L comparison

385B L, 375, 365B L size comparison shot

Wow talk about a long time to complete a model... I spent about 3 months

building this excavator, but I must say I am quite happy with the end result=)

 Even though it took forever to create I think all the hard work was well worth

 it, now I can only hope you think so too!

85 metric tons of hard core heavy iron

Here's a picture of the CAT 385B L in action at the job site loading CAT 725

ADT's with dirt for a massive storm drain trench


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