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CASE CX130 knuckle boom excavator

Manufacturer: CONRAD

Scale: 1:50

This is the CASE CX130 mini excavator with knuckle boom from CONRAD.

You can get an idea of this machines size with that man beside it

Cab has an operators seat and a few controls and levers

Little rubber tracks (that I hate...)

Front view with boom straightened

Side view, you can see knuckle point

A few view of the rear

Side view with boom knuckled

What makes this model special is its hydraulic knuckle turning ability

The boom can actually totally "knuckle" or pivit

Boom tilts about 70 degrees to the left and about 10 degrees to the right

The CX130's max digging depth

A comparision shot of the little guy next to the BIG guy

Model does make a good trailer load like shown here

Here's a CX130 being put to work by this landscaping company, shown

here helping assist in planting a few trees


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