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CASE CX800 demolition excavator

Manufacturer: CONRAD

Scale: 1:50

Here is the awesome CASE CX800 demolition excavator from Conrad.

You can get an idea of this machines size with that man standing beside it

The model comes in a nice storage box similar to that of the LIEBHERR

954 demolition excavator Conrad also makes

The model comes with all shown above. Demo boom w/ stands, standard

boom and bucket w/ stand, and 2 locking pins

Unlike the regular CX800 that has plastic linked tracks, this model features

metal linked tracks

For traveling purposes the tracks are kept pushed in tight

But for balance and stability when at work the tracks extend out from under

The operators cab is detailed with side controls as well as a full

protective forward and overhead cab guard

The cab tilts upward for when using the demolition boom

Left side view with demo boom attached. Body features metal railings

and ladder detail

Right side view, also features metal railings and ladders

At the end of the long boom is a rotating concrete crusher shear

The crusher's jaws open and close and can rotate 360 degrees

The demolition boom is fully detailed with hydraulic lines

Demo boom can be telescoped out and into 3 sections

Shot with demo boom raised

With the demo boom up this model reaches over 2 feet tall

Shot with demo boom raised and telescoping sections fully extended

With the boom fully telescoped out this model climbs to an awesome

32 inches tall!

View from below

View from above

The booms can be easily removed and switched out

Boom is placed on stands, pin removed, and then lowered and unhooked

Once unhooked machine just crawls over to ther boom

Crawls underneath and lifts to lock in place

Then the locking pin is re-inserted

The standard boom with bucket can be fitted into 2 different positions,

like shown here with the straight boom setup

Another shot with the straight standard boom

And one more with the straight boom setup

The boom can also be fitted more normal with an arch like shown here

Standard arch pic 2

Here's a comparison shot next to the original CX800

Orginal with the new demo

Who can reach the tallest??? The CX800 comes close in 2nd place

With its booms on trucks following behind the CX800 demo excavator heads

off for its next meal of concrete and steel I-Beams

Here's a shot of the CX800 demolition excavator in action tearing down an

old apartment building. The CX800 works great for this job because only

feet away lies a historical building that can't be harmed

Another shot of the long necked dinosaur chomping away

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