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CASE CX800 excavator

Manufacturer: CONRAD

Scale: 1:50

Here is the monsterous CX800 model look at its size as it

towers over that waving man

The cab is complete with levers, pedals, and operators seat

Rear / side view pic notice the details of even bolt holes

on the counter weight for the mounts

Opposite side view showing radiator vent detail

Hard plastic linked tracks

Front view shows small details like the spot lights on the boom

and above the cab

Ladder and railing details

Complete with the appriate hydrolic lines

The linked tracks can be slid in tight (shown here)...

...or they can be pulled out for stability (like shown here)

Here's a pic from under to show how the tracks slide in and out

Photo to show the excavators maximum digging depth (DEEEEEP)

Loaded up and ready to go... This is an incredible model and although

it's becoming hard to find I highly recommened it to anyone you won't

be disappointed

Here's the CX800 in action digging deep for this deep sewer line

addition project


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