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CAT D11R Carry Dozer

Manufacturer: NORSCOT

Scale: 1:50

Here is CAT's massive D11R carry dozer, you can see just how

massive this dozer really is with that man waving beside it there

The inside contains an operators seat as well as a few controls

Metal linked tracks which totally enrich the model

(also offered in a rubber track version)

Here's a pic of the front which is taken up by the dozers

enormous push blade

Right side view, shows cabs thick overhead r.o.p.s. bar, and

also the huge CAT egines twin exhaust stacks

The rear is taken up with one huge ripping blade

Left side view

The huge front dozer blade can be raised...


...and lowered

The huge ripping tooth on the rear can be raised high...

...dug down deep...

...and also tilted forward

Here's a shot to give you a nice comparsion of just how big

this beautiful dozer is as it sits next to its smaller brothers

This is one heeeeeeeavy dozer but somehow this lowboy

is pulling it and its looks really good

Busy at the strip mine the D11R CD pushes huge boulders and rock

down the hillside so that the material can be loaded by shovels

 into haul trucks below



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