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KOMATSU D 375A dozer

Manufacturer: FIRST GEAR

Scale: 1:50

Here is the AWSOME D 375A bulldozer from First Gear... Look

at its size as it stands beside that man

The inside is very detailed and although this picture doesn't show

too well the front has all the correct controls and the seat has

all the right levers on each side

Metal linked tracks are one of the major things that make

up this great model

Here's a pic of the back of the dozer and its massive dual ripping blades

The blades lift/lower and tilt forward/backward

The ripper blades can also be romoved or changed slots and have a

3 level depth setting

The front push blade lifts high like the real machine, even the pins

that connect the blade to the lift boom have been touched up with paint

...It can also tilt foward or backward

The front blade lowers to a depth below that of the tracks

This is one fantastic model espiecially for the money, if you don't

own one you better go buy one right away!

Two is better than one=)

Leaving the KOMATSU dealership this baby can't wait to take

its first rip into the earth

Look at this machine at work it tears into the rocky dirt like butter

Here's another shot of a second D 375A busy cutting down that hillside



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